Supermarket Workers Reveal 80 Things They Absolutely Hate That Customers Do

If you want to know your limit to the amount of nonsense you can tolerate, just get a job in retail. From intense and long shifts to poor management, it gives you plenty of reasons to sigh and roll your eyes. But it’s probably the customers that generate the most fury.

The subreddits ‘Target‘ and ‘Trader Joe’s‘ unite many of the chains’ employees, providing a well-needed space for venting. But scroll through their content and you’ll see that these people would be a lot happier if it weren’t for us barbarians burdening them with our ignorance, pettiness, and nastiness.

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#1 It’s Called Etiquette

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#2 Every Time!

Image credits: No_Bus8767

#3 A Guest Decided To Have Breakfast In Our Paper Aisle. Worst Part Is They Used Chocolate Milk

Image credits: ihatedanielpelletier

#4 Same Feeling When My Weekday Closing Lead Says “Have A Good Weekend Team” Over The Walkie On Friday Night

Image credits: _Not_A_Fed_

#5 Coworker Found This Hidden In The Wine Section…. Yes Those Are Bite Marks

Image credits: guyfieriismyhero

#6 Why… Just Why?

Image credits: Malnurtured_Snay

#7 Especially In Appliances

Image credits: JinzoWithAMilotic

#8 Not A Target Worker But I Thought This Will Make You Relate

Image credits: Pndalan86

#9 No Excuses

Image credits: GuyFawkes99

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

#10 Target Employees Hate When You Think Your Tiny Car Can Fit The Biggest TV On Planet Earth

Image credits: naaeee__x

#11 Me Staring At The Customer Who Just Came Within 12 Inches Of Me With No Mask On To Ask If We Sell Covid Tests

Image credits: El_Floyd

#12 Every. Damn. Day

Image credits: prboi

#13 An 8 Year Old Kid Can Destroy An Aisle With More Speed And Efficiency Than A Category 5 Hurricane

Image credits: HectorZeroniGaming

#14 Gotta Love It

Image credits: Target_tech_consult

#15 *sideways In An Aisle*

Image credits: donkeyclap

#16 Ah Yes, Those Guests That Tell You Their Whole Life Story After You Told Them In What Aisle The Item They’re Looking For Is At

Image credits: ramos-squared

#17 There Should Be A Limit To How Many Items A Guest Can Order For Drive Up…

Image credits: luskiloo6

#18 Is It Me Or Are Guests, Target (Things In General), Getting Worse

Image credits: oxrox88

#19 Old But Gold

Image credits: robaco

#20 Absolutely Hate People That Abandon Carts With Food

Image credits: maichodo

#21 So, A Customer Tried Paying With This Today…

Image credits: Burn1at420

#22 Every Single Sign In The Store

Image credits: mosura5282

#23 Every Time

Image credits: Two_Faced_Harvey

#24 Raise Your Hand If You “Ruined A Christmas” Because You Didn’t Have Some Popular Item In Stock The Day Before Christmas ??‍♀️?‍♂️

Image credits: JEBERNARD

#25 Actual Guest Interaction Today

Image credits: TrueJackson-VP

#26 Sometimes Guests Aren’t All Bad Lmao

Image credits: GucciGabe98

#27 Thought This Would Fit Here

Image credits: Grammarnatzie

#28 This Happens Too Often

Image credits: divestfromfossilfuel

#29 Why Do Guests Not Announce Their Presence? I Was Writing Something Down And Looked Up And Some Guy Was Just Looking At Me Like This For I Don’t Know How Long

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#30 Yeah Well You Just Watched Me Ring Someone Else Up And Then I Waved You Forward And Started Scanning S**t Out Your Cart Soooo Yeah I’m Open

Image credits: tjscrewmemer

#31 Good Morning To Everyone Except This Guest

Image credits: Bdayboy2

#32 When I Retrieve An Item From The Back For A Guest But They’re Gone

Image credits: unemotionalandroid

#33 Facts!

Image credits: FudgeMania1

#34 Happens Almost Every Shift

Image credits: laChickynuggie___

#35 Workers Have Spoken

Image credits: TargetWorkersUnite

#36 This Made My Day 100x Better

Image credits: raxeira

#37 Yea Cus It’s Our Fault U Came In Less Than An Hour Before Closing

Image credits: emily17033

#38 No… Just No

Image credits: utahmedicalcannabis

#39 Very Proud Of My Zone Tonight. Best Part Was When I Finished And A Guest Told Me “I Need To Get Something From Here But It’s Honestly Too Pretty To Mess Up.”

Image credits: _jsmith_

#40 Target Employees Love When You Agree About How Awful Some Customers Can Be

Image credits: _andywat_

#41 God I Hate People So Much ?

Image credits: StarLord145

#42 Stay Safe, My Friends

Image credits: ibrownied

#43 I’m Dead. ? Lol?

Image credits: DragonGirl_95

#44 Guests

Image credits: _Darth_Malak_

#45 When A Customer Is Standing Too Close While You’re Bagging But Your Social Anxiety Prevents You From Saying Anything:

Image credits: mosura5282

#46 Thanks, You’re So Helpful

Image credits: nunyerbiznes

#47 Every. Single. Time

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#48 Sometimes It’s The Little Things That Make It All Almost Worth It

Image credits: JaggedToaster12

#49 Some Jerk Just Came In And Returned 14 Bottles Of Formula Because They “Have A Chip In Them” It Really Sucks We Have To Dump It Out Seeing How Sought Out It Is Smh

Image credits: M1keyM1ddleton

#50 “I Want Everything In One Bag…but I Don’t Want The Bag To Be Heavy”

Image credits: Adam_Zapple

#51 ??

Image credits: JahVer

#52 Dear Customers, If You See An Employee Pushing A Cart That Looks Like This, Don’t Bother Them. They’re Being Timed To Pick Items

Image credits: platinumace77

#53 When It’s Currently A Blizzard Outside

Image credits: Boots0011

#54 Every Time

Image credits: PenumbriiR

#55 Getting Into The Holiday Spirit

Image credits: Saik0path

#56 “Sir, You Have A Different State Selected.”

Image credits: TheLonelyCroc

#57 When You Think They Can Pinpoint The Exact Moment They Ran Out Of Chicken Tikka Masala

Image credits: tjscrewmemer

#58 Don’t Worry It Happens To Me Too

Image credits: dumbemopunk

#59 “I Got It Here Last Time. It’s Trader Joe’s Brand, It Comes In A Little Package Or Box. They’re Like These Little *does Unhelpful Hand Shape* Crunchy Snacks, I Got Them Here Just A Couple Weeks Ago. Idk What Flavor They Were But They Were So Good

Image credits: tjscrewmemer

#60 New Jersey, Where The Crusty Custies Will Leave Their Dirty Bathing Suits In The Cart For You

Image credits: ImHop3less

#61 Them The Rules

Image credits: Dank_Dogememes

#62 Suddenly The Ingredients List On Chocolates And Mints Are All So Fascinating ?

Image credits: saddlecakes

#63 Trader Joe’s Employees Hate When You Remember Your Bags At The Very Last Second

Image credits: tjscrewmemer

#64 Coworker Made This Meme, Thought Any Employees Could Use The Chuckle Rn

Image credits: Prefect-Accelgor

#65 Hot Wheel Collectors Are The Worst Change My Mind

Image credits: Nas850

#66 Nearly Passed Out Laughing

Image credits: Aricada

#67 705 Pounds Of Soda, This Is One Order. Godspeed My Drive Up Homeboys

Image credits: SirPhoenixtalon

#68 For Real

Image credits: bellaalice123

#69 Especially When I’m A Cashier

Image credits: EmotionalIncrease976

#70 They Also Hate When You Ignore Their Existence When It’s Convenient To You

#71 An Actual Interaction I Had With A Guest Yesterday

Image credits: kimmykadillak

#72 I Thought This Stuff Was A Fake Tiktok Trend Man

Image credits: No_Bully_I_Beg

#73 Lovely Gift Message For Us Today

Image credits: heroesdontrun

#74 Once In A Blue Moon

Image credits: ShadouxGT

#75 Trader Joe’s Employees Hate When You Think They Aren’t A Pro At This Whole Bagging Thing

Image credits: tjscrewmemer

#76 Gotta Love It, Especially When There’s A Line Lol

Image credits: TuPapiGeo

#77 Customers When They See A Locked Bathroom

Image credits: saddlecakes

#78 My Favorite Couple Archetype That Shops At Tj’s Is “Annoyed, Nervous Wife” Paired With “Bored, Horny Husband”

Image credits: tjscrewmemer

#79 Oh You Didn’t Want To Talk? That’s Good Cus I Was Just Acting Anyway

Image credits: tjscrewmemer

#80 Every Single Time Today

Image credits: saddlecakes


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