Sydney Sweeney “Isn’t Pretty” And “Can’t Act,” Claims Producer In Controversial Statement

Movie producer Carol Baum took a dig at rising Hollywood star Sydney Sweeney’s acting skills and her physique, asking a class of film students why the 26-year-old actress was considered “hot.” The show-biz veteran’s rants have since been denounced as “internalized misogyny.”

Carol was speaking with the New York Times film critic Janet Maslin in front of an audience of fans following a screening of her 1988 film Dead Ringers starring Jeremy Irons.

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According to the organizer of the event, the Jacob Burns Film Center, the screening took place on April 11 in Pleasantville, New York, USA.

The Daily Mail reported Carol’s harsh criticisms of the Euphoria star, which saw the director say: “There’s an actress who everybody loves now — Sydney Sweeney.”

Producer Carol Baum sparked controversy by publicly criticizing Sydney Sweeney’s acting abilities and appearance

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“I don’t get Sydney Sweeney. I was watching on the plane Sydney Sweeney’s movie [Anyone But You] because I wanted to watch it.

“I wanted to know who she is and why everybody’s talking about her.

“I watched this unwatchable movie- sorry to people who love this movie  – [this] romantic comedy where they hate each other.

“I said to my class, ‘Explain this girl to me. She’s not pretty, she can’t act. Why is she so hot?’”

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As per her profile on the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts’ website, Carol is an adjunct professor within the Division of Film and Television Production.

Carol, whose films include Father of the Bride and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, continued: “Nobody had an answer but then the question was asked, ‘Well if you could get your movie made because she was in it, would you do it?’

“I said, ‘Well that’s a really good question…that’s a very hard question to answer because we all want to get the movie made, and who walks away from a green light?’

“‘Nobody I know. Your job is to get the movie made.’”

Carol teaches at the University of Southern California, where she asked her students: “She’s not pretty, she can’t act. Why is she so hot?”

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The film educator’s brutal assessment sent shockwaves on social media, as a person wrote on X (formerly known as Twitter): “Carol Baum is someone I’ve never heard of until now.

“She hasn’t produced a film in theaters in 10 years and has since settled for producing Dolly Parton Christmas TV movies.

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“While Sydney has multiple Emmy noms, it seems Carol’s greatest honor is a Razzie award for worst film in 1993.”

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“By appearances, it looks like Carol is nearing the end of her life when Sydney’s is just beginning!”

Carol is currently best known for her work with Sandollar Productions, Dolly Parton’s TV and film production company with Sandy Gallin, the singer’s former manager.

Another X user commented: “How sad to hear a veteran female film producer Carol Baum criticize Sydney Sweeney for not being pretty!

“Internal misogyny hides in the least likely places.

“We don’t owe them pretty, it’s time to give em UGLY dammit.”

Sydney starred in Anyone But You, a romantic comedy that Carol strongly disapproved of

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After appearing in indie movies, Sydney had her breakthrough role in 2019, portraying Cassie Howard in HBO’s drama series Euphoria.

Her performance was applauded by critics, earning her a nomination for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series in 2022.

The Washington native has since been nominated in multiple awards for various stand-out roles, including Tina Satter’s 2023 thriller-drama Reality, where she starred as US Air Force veteran Reality Winner.

In 2020, Sydney founded and launched her own production company Fifty-Fifty Films, which was recently praised by Drew Barrymore on her talk show earlier this month.

In her appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show, Sydney explained that her production company was named after her strong belief in collaborations with other talents.

She said: “I think more minds are better in a room than just one, and I believe that everybody deserves a seat at the table.

“So I hope that with my company it allows people to have a voice and be able to just be a part of the bigger picture.”

“People have gotten way too comfortable commenting on women’s looks,” a reader commented

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