Tech Support People Are Sharing The Worst Cases They’ve Seen While On The Job (37 New Pics)

It’s 2022 but there are still plenty of people who struggle with computers. Not to mention all the complicated networks that connect them.

And Reddit has all the pictures to prove our ignorance. More specifically, its community ‘Tech Support Gore.’

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“You will cringe to the brink of passing out after a few minutes looking at this subreddit,” its moderators say confidently. And they’re not lying.

Tricky cable knots, cracking chips, piles of dust, and poorly designed server rooms, it’s all there. Whether you’re an IT specialist or just an average internet user, this stuff will get to you.

Continue scrolling to check out the subreddit’s recent top posts, and for its earlier gems, fire up our previous publications on it here, here, and here.

#1 Before And After Of A Network Switche Refresh For A School District

Image credits: TheAmateurRunner

#2 It’s 2022 And I Hate Sandisk For Still Using A Design Like This

Image credits: cgmyt

#3 I’m Done For Today

Image credits: EastFoxes

#4 Cleaning Chromebooks In The School I Work In, This Is 4th Grade. Completely Dead To The World

Image credits: Slow_Cryptographer14

#5 Heard We’re Posting Things Found In Projectors? How About Wasps? Customer Claimed “Keeps Overheating”

Image credits: LordWoodyMushrome

#6 I. See. You

Image credits: hlebspovidlom

#7 Had A Feeling This Belonged Here

Image credits: robroastbeef

#8 Nothing Like A Fun Day Destroying Company Data

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Image credits: Xantan0

#9 Why Does My Mining Rig Keep Shutting Down?

Image credits: HarvestWisp

#10 Ticket States “Student Chromebook Has A Nail Sticking Out Of The Headphone Jack”

Image credits: seloid

#11 Friend Complained Why Cpu Is 90 Degrees While Idling

Image credits: Dyotic

#12 Thanks To Poor Planning, This Is How I Have To Service This Equipment

Image credits: sp00nix

#13 Hey, Our Network Is Down, Can You Look Into It? Me: I Think I See The Problem

Image credits: smohk1

#14 This Is What A Hard Drive Looks Like When It’s Unfurled

Image credits: crubleigh

#15 Some One Dropped This Off, Check That Screen Burn. It’s Off

Image credits: flamewingdragon

#16 Client Said The Cpu Was Running Hot

Image credits: Nambruh

#17 “My PC Gets Slower When I Turn My Space Heater On”

Image credits: PatrikMansuri

#18 Phone Gore Saved Leg Gore

Image credits: yeahnowukkas

#19 There Is Sawdust In This PC!

Image credits: G1cin

#20 Why Won’t The Temp Go Down?… Oh

Image credits: ShermanLiu

#21 Found A Weird And Exotic Cable Back Of My Grandma’s TV

Image credits: Cookiee1209

#22 Please Do Not Turn This Fan Off It Is Keeping 5 Camera Control Units Cool

Image credits: Oportunistic_DIY

#23 I Have Been Wondering Why I Kept Finding Random Ants On My Work Table

Image credits: pembalhac

#24 Customer: “Laptop Fan Seems To Be Going Bad, My Son Uses The Laptop As Ashtray”

Image credits: hypoflexx

#25 My Bosses Surfacebook He Refuses To Retire

Image credits: cmull123

#26 “I Watched A Video On How To Upgrade The Ram, But Now It Won’t Turn On”

Image credits: Miyari__

#27 Probably Not That Gory But I Found Out Why The Beamer Wasn’t Producing An Image

That’s a live spider with eggs in there, it wasn’t very happy to see me

Image credits: Eburon8

#28 Found On Twitter

Image credits: WonderfulShake

#29 This WiFi Setup Looks A Bit Fishy

Image credits: hoilday42

#30 My Friend’s iPad

Image credits: amolven16

#31 Why Yes That Is A Hole In The Roof Leaving Their Dp, Switch & Routers Exposed To The Elements!

Image credits: Imnotarealdog

#32 Rusty Floppy Drive

Image credits: Ziiar

#33 This Smartlock With A Faulty Battery

Image credits: someone_else42

#34 Oh Well, Night Shift Just Became More Fun

Yes, they have polarity, yes they’re machine fed, so they all need to carefully go back in their slot

Image credits: brolpe

#35 Someone Offered Me A Cheap Msi Gtx 1080ti. Glad My Case Was Big Enough

Image credits: koopz_ay

#36 Access Point At My Child’s School

Image credits: traversingthemundane

#37 At A Student Accomodation

Image credits: randommen96


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