“That’s It, I’m Wedding Shaming”: 73 Times People Just Had To Shame These Bridezillas, Out-Of-Touch Grooms Or Entitled Guests Online (New Posts)

There’s one kind of event where everything is at stake. All the money, all the effort, all the planning, all the dreams, and yep, we’re talking weddings.

And when pressure to have the perfect day reaches the boiling point, it basically becomes a real-life reality show with drama, unstaged emotions, toxic family members, entitled guests, bridezillas, and lost grooms.

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The content weddings provide us is so immense that wedding shaming groups have been popping up one by one on social media lately. This corner of Reddit known as the Wedding Shaming subreddit is also a destination to shame anything from wedding themes, vendors, brides and grooms, in-laws, and Uncle Bobs, and boy, it’s been buzzing.

Below we collected some of the new posts shared on the community, so scroll down below for some crazy nuptial drama. More wedding shaming content can be found in our previous posts here and here.

#1 Bridesmaid/Sil From Hell From Dear Prudence

Image credits: cmrc13

#2 Wedding Shaming, The Dear Prudence Edition

Image credits: Constant-Program85

#3 It Truly Is Funny How Being A Part Of Someone’s Bridesmaids Or Being The Maid Of Honor Is No Longer Chosen By How Close You Are To The Bride But By How Well You Fit Her Aesthetic

Image credits: zioraife

No wedding has gone without at least a tiny drop of drama. This is because people put the pressure on themselves a little too much, until for many brides and grooms, it becomes unbearable.

To find out more about navigating your perfect day in a way that doesn’t cost all your nerves, Bored Panda previously spoke with Jen Glantz, the founder of Bridesmaid for Hire and The Newlywed Card Game, a 3x best-selling author, a voice of You’re Not Getting Any Younger podcast, and the brains behind Jen & Juice coaching, digital courses, & the Pick-Me-Up newsletter.

#4 You Want My To Cut My Hair. You Can’t Fire Me, I Quit

Image credits: maybelle180

#5 Check Out This Horror Of A “Mother”

Image credits: targetsbots

#6 Mother In Law And Sister In Law Wore White

Image credits: reddit.com

It turns out that conflict and drama starts as early as the bridal party. “That’s because weddings are filled with decisions, pop-up challenges, and a lot of emotions. When you bring your friends and family into that equation and ask them to stand by your side, while also giving them a to-do list of things you expect them to do during your wedding adventure, it can bring a level of intensity that didn’t exist before the wedding within that relationship,” Glentz explained.

#7 I Paid $600 And Gave Her Six Months For My Wedding Dress Hem To Look Like This

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Image credits: obscuridades

#8 Asking The Girl Your Fiancé Groomed To Be Your Photographer For Free

Image credits: kaioone

#9 Poor Photographer.. That Said I’d Be Interested To See The Pictures That They Had To Capture While This All Went Down

Image credits: Ellie_Loves_

A lot of conflicts, however, could be avoided with better communication and slightly lower expectations, Glantz argues. “So much can be avoided if the person getting married clearly states what they want from their bridal party and the people in the bridal party openly share what they are able and willing to do before the wedding process even starts,” she told us in a previous interview.

#10 A “Friend” Took Our Wedding Photos As A Gift To Us And Then Ghosted Us. It’s Been 6 Months

Image credits: oh_devil

#11 Please Be Considerate About Peoples Choices At Your Wedding

Image credits: nerdzrope

#12 Too Bad, So Sad Wedding Photo Edition

Image credits: Radio_Caroline79

But no matter how much drama weddings may have, you may wonder if it’s still okay to shame these events and the people behind them. After all, are wedding shaming groups considered to have some form of hate that may be harmful to their targets?

Well, we previously asked that question to Darlene Lancer, who is a therapist, relationship & NPD expert, and the author of “Codependency for Dummies.” Lancer explained that according to the FBI, “hate groups” direct their hatred against a particular race, religion, gender, ethnic group or people of a particular sexual orientation. They investigate these hate groups to protect democracy and individual liberty. “So defined, wedding haters and shamers are not members of a ‘hate group,’” she said.

#13 Just Got This In My Email After Receiving The Invite 2 Days Ago

Image credits: Similar-Vari

#14 Spare A Thought For This Poor Girl Who Has Been Dealt The Injustice Of Being Gifted A Mere $32,000 For Her Wedding

Image credits: journalhalfbeing

#15 With Friends Like These Who Needs Enemies

Image credits: spookysadghoul

Having said that, Lancer explained that blaming and shaming often is done by people with low self-esteem and who carry shame themselves. “They shame others to project and rid themselves of the shame they have inside, which is often hidden and unconscious. Projection is a defense that works for them. It may be fueled by anger and envy because of the widening discrepancy between classes of haves and have-nots. Aggression and envy are also defenses to shame.”

#16 From My Cousins (The Grooms) Wedding, Of Which I Wasn’t Invited

Image credits: meandwatersheep

#17 From A Wedding Group I’m In. People In The Comments Were Ragging On The Step Mum’s Choice Of Shoes

Image credits: apejsnfhre

#18 Seen On Facebook. What Is This Kind Of Trash

Image credits: mdnnnsph

“Ironically, public displays of extravagant and ostentatious weddings may also be fueled by shame where the emphasis is on impressing other people of the family’s wealth and status,” a therapist said. This is to compensate for not feeling adequate or sufficiently respected, she concluded.

#19 Received This Abomination Of A Save The Date… Whole Card Was Filled With It

Image credits: Sir_Rup_N_Waffles

#20 A Former Coworker Of Mine. She Was Always Extra At Work. It’s No Surprise She Posted This Before Her Wedding. I’m Glad I Wasn’t Invited

Image credits: Room1oh1

#21 Bride Used Fish As Decor And Centerpieces

Image credits: leightonlyric

#22 My Sil Wore A Black T-Shirt, Khaki Cargo Pants And Yellow Sneakers To Our Semi-Formal Wedding

Image credits: B00KW0RM214

#23 It’s The “You Can Dance For Free!” For Me

Image credits: michellechanphoto

#24 Guests Called The Police To The Reception Because They’d Been Unknowingly Drugged By The Bride!

Image credits: Darthwaffle0

#25 “Bride” Gets Angry When Fb Group Advises Against Surprise Wedding

Image credits: JohnDoe480

#26 Mil Really Wanted To Be Bride. I’m Now Divorced From Her Son, Who She Posed With In The 2nd Picture

Image credits: jerseygirl1105

#27 Host A Photography Competition Instead Of Paying For A Photographer!

Image credits: cooljesus69

#28 My Sil Just Asked Me If This Was Okay To Wear To My Wedding

Image credits: Marianzillaa

#29 Guy Asks Fiance If He Can Invite His Friends On Their Honeymoon

Image credits: sunflower-55

#30 Didn’t Know It Was Possible To Agree And Disagree To Everything In A Single Post. Yes To The Sentiment, Big No To The Execution

Image credits: Ellie_Loves_

#31 Mother Of Groom Insists On Being In Son’s Wedding Portrait With Bust Of Deceased Husband

Image credits: thrwawyqstion

#32 What Would Make Someone Ever Want To Take These Photos

Image credits: slothlovelauren

#33 This Is Supposed To Be Cute But It’s Just Weird And Awkward


#34 Groomsmen Plans To Propose At Bachelor/Ette Party. Group Is Split On Whether Or Not It’s Okay

Image credits: Ellie_Loves_

#35 Guest Demands To Bring Their Son (18) Daughter (23), 3 Grandchildren, And A Dog To The Wedding

Guest demands to bring their son (18) daughter (23), 3 grandchildren, and a dog to the wedding. Bride puts her foot down and guest ominously ends the friendship with ellipsis

Image credits: Ellie_Loves_

#36 Bride Doesn’t Want Her Great Aunt’s Nurse To Attend The Wedding

Image credits: mdnnnsph

#37 Bride Wants Bridal Party And Friends To Pay For Her Solo Spa Weekend Instead Of Having A Bachelorette Party

Image credits: MyFleetwoodMacSxPnts

#38 Say Yes To The Dress Bride Wanted An “Avatar Unicorn.” My Friend Had Thoughts

Image credits: Action_Heroine

#39 I ‘Broke Group Rules’ With This Comment To A Bride Who Was About To Disown Her Dad For Not Being Able To Afford To Spend $3k On Chair/Tent Rentals

Image credits: gringitapo

#40 Nothing Says Love Better Than Dead Fish Instead Of Flowers

Image credits: WhipAsh11

#41 From An Fb Group I’m In. Girl, If You Have To Ask, You Probably Already Know The Answer

Image credits: GrumpyFoodLady

#42 Imagine Thinking That Your Color Scheme Is More Important Than Your “Closest” Friend

Image credits: the_mess_express

#43 Couple Posted A Tik Tok Of Unique Things They Did At Their Wedding, One Of Which Being Unity Milk!

Image credits: 84aomame

#44 She Looks Absolutely Beautiful. Too Bad – That’s My MIL At My Wedding 7 Years Ago

Image credits: Dear_BubblesMcGee

#45 Women Shares Petty Story Of Revenge At Wedding. I Understand How One May Wish To Do This, But Don’t

Image credits: Sarcastic_Troll

#46 Jealous Of Children…. New Low In The Wedding Group

Image credits: glass_heart2002

#47 God Forbid Her Sister Getting A Tattoo Before The Wedding!

Image credits: mdnnnsph

#48 What In The Hell. What A Nightmare!

Image credits: mdnnnsph

#49 Found In A Book Of Faces Group. Far Too Many Commenters Are Saying, Though Tacky, The Brother Isn’t Out Of Line

Image credits: FormalityBites

#50 Bride-To-Be Asking For Alternatives To The Garter Toss, This Was One Of The Responses

Image credits: kaioone

#51 Found This Whilst Looking At A Hashtag For A Wedding Venue…. That Is Not The Bride

Image credits: sunshard66

#52 My Sister Got Married And Her MIL Decided To Get A Bigger Wedding Cake Than Our Mum’s Self-Made

Image credits: ilostmysocks66

#53 Bride Wants A Bridal Shower But Wants The Guests To Pay For It

Image credits: alltheaids

#54 “Parents Are Paying For Everything So They Should Do Everything For Me, But Also My Mil Is Helping Me Plan And I Hate It”

Image credits: makmorning

#55 Seen Posted On Facebook. Erm, What!

Image credits: mdnnnsph

#56 Vape-Themed Wedding Shoot Turns Terrifying

Image credits: neopetsfangirl

#57 Bride Refuses To Host Reception For 100-Person “Micro Wedding”

Image credits: rachelleybell

#58 Bridesmaid Dyes Hair Red After Bride Asks Her Not Too

Image credits: kaioone

#59 Bride Books Cabin For Her Ceremony Location Without Making Sure It Was Okay With The Renters To Do So

Image credits: Ellie_Loves_

#60 When Wedding Planning Is The Only Thing On Your Mind

Image credits: princecowboy

#61 Bride Looking For Ways To Honor The Groom’s Native American Heritage

Image credits: Wendyroooo

#62 Oh God. Found On Fb. Even Matching Pearls!

Image credits: mdnnnsph

#63 Ewww, I Would Prefer Nothing Over A Mlm Gift

Image credits: de1etecl

#64 I Guess Enough Is Never Enough When It Comes To Gifts Or Cash Donations

Image credits: Lvanwinkle18

#65 Found This Doozy In A Buy And Sell Group

Image credits: stevienicksfix

#66 Leaving A Review After Showing Up Drunk At A Bridal Appointment With More Liquor

Image credits: tbearr26

#67 My Sister Is Getting Married.. This Is The Dress One Of Her Bridesmaids Bought

Image credits: hallengoats

#68 Influencer At A Black Tie Wedding Reception. Gotta Get Content For The Gram Right

Image credits: Head2Heels

#69 Spotted On Fb. Casual Beach Wedding, So I Totally Thought This Woman Was The Bride At First

Image credits: Soalai

#70 Sounds Like He Dodged A Bullet

Image credits: Automatic-Pack-5409

#71 “Selfish” Bridesmaids Ruin Wedding By Saving Their Money During Record Inflation

Image credits: Rupindah

#72 She Posted In A Wedding Shaming Group For Opinions And Is Getting Completely Roasted

Image credits: Jeriais

#73 Girl, Just Don’t Have A Bridal Party

Image credits: Youcantquitme_baby

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