The Charming Yoto Mini Speaker Makes It Easy to Entertain Kids Without Screens

In a tech-heavy marketplace, it can be challenging to entertain children without screens. That’s why it’s so exciting to find a kids’ device like the Yoto Mini, a compact, screen-free speaker designed by Pentagram with the look and feel of classic 20th century toys.

The ultra-portable Yoto Mini

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This portable version of the bedside Yoto Player, a 2020 Core77 Design Awards Notable project, makes it easy for kids to listen to stories, music, and learning materials anywhere they go. The Yoto Mini includes a pixelated LED display that’s visually engaging, but not overstimulating. It’s fun to look at, but also encourages kids to pay attention to the audio and use their imaginations. Its card operation connects to a wide range of materials, including, but not limited to audiobooks, family-friendly radio, and podcasts. Kids can even design their own stories with DIY kits.

Yoto Mini form prototypes

While the Yoto Mini has all the old school charm of iconic Fisher-Price toys, its minimal design makes it appealing to all ages. Thanks to its tidy look and intuitive controls, the Yoto Mini can grow up alongside your kids. While it’s not overly reliant on tech, it boasts high-quality audio and works with Bluetooth, headphones, and USB. There are no cameras or microphones included, which adds a comforting element of privacy to the device.

The Yoto Mini next to its desktop companion device, the original Yoto Player

Learn more about the Yoto Mini on Pentagram’s website.

Source: core77

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