The DemerBox: A Ruggedized, Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Built Into a Pelican Case

Audio engineer James Demer worked in TV production for years, most recently serving as the sound recordist for shows like Survivor and Vice News. Often on-set in remote locations, Demer wanted a portable sound system that could survive his job’s demanding travel conditions. With personal experience in building speakers, around 2010 he hacked some spare parts into a Pelican case as a prototype for his own use. Fellow crew members spotted it on-set in Alaska and asked Demer if he could build some for them.

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By 2014 Demer launched a Kickstarter to gauge commercial interest. More than $83,000 came in, exceeding his $60,000 target, and DemerBox the company was born.

Today the company is co-owned by Demer and musician Zac Brown, who fell in love with the product and became a partner in 2017. They produce two models, the DB1 and DB2.

Both are waterproof, crush-proof—these are Pelican cases, after all—and Bluetooth-enabled, with 40 hours of battery life. The single-speaker DB1 is good for 84db, whereas the stereo DB2 can pump out 94db. They weigh 3.81 and 5.44 pounds, respectively, and are made in America.

Because there’s extra space inside the case, you can store small items inside, as long as you don’t mind them rattling around.

Some users have DIY’ed solutions for more managed interior storage.

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For the DB2 only, the company also offers optional internal storage compartments by TrekPak for $60, but at press time those were sold out.

The DB1 and DB2 sell for $249 and $399, respectively.

Source: core77

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