The Qool: A Cooler That Can Maintain Temperature for 10 Days

From Germany comes the Qool, a vacuum-insulated cooler that can keep its contents at temperature for up to 10 days. Ice cubes, the Qool company says, will last even longer at 21 days.

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The secret sauce is the company’s “Temperature Elements,” which are some type of proprietary icepack-like object that the end user pre-cools, and which apparently hold their temperature like crazy.

You do, however, have to decide in advance what you’ll be hauling. The company offers five different levels of Temperature Elements, which are helpfully color-coded:

Where it really starts to get Yeti-like is the price:

The Cool Box M (27 liter, about 7 gallon, capacity) runs €400 (USD $481) with four Temperature Elements included.

The Cool Box L (43 liter, about 11.4 gallon, capacity) runs €505 (USD $608) with six Temperature Elements included.

Additional Temperature Elements, depending on which level you pick, run a whopping €80 (USD $96) each! Whatever magic material is inside is not cheap.

Source: core77

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