The “Rare Puppers” Online Group Shares 130 Pics Of Adorable Dogs

There are days when it feels like the world has turned its back on you. Whether it’s Monday blues blasting on autoplay every day, or things falling out of your hands so that it seems like gravity has taken its hold on you, everyone needs a little cheering up now and then.

Luckily, there’s one antidote to it all, and it should be prescribed by doctors if it isn’t yet. Cuteness overload is a phenomenon caused by cute little animals who make the coldest hearts melt and bring an overall sense of happiness.

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If you’re not an owner to a pup like that, don’t worry, there’s a whole corner of Reddit devoted to “cute little animols such as puppers, cates and turtols.” Created back in 2015, the “Rare Puppers” community is home to a whopping 4M “shoobscribers,” making it Reddit’s powerhouse of content.

This post is dedicated to puppers exclusively, so we selected some of the cutest, funniest and most heartwarming pics for you to enjoy.

#1 My Dog Is Officially Cancer Free!

Image credits: Braveshark

#2 “Does Your Dog Bite?” “No, It’s Worse. She Judges”

Image credits: shezziebear

#3 This Old Man Turns 13 This Summer

Image credits: hoffenone

#4 4th Grader Wants To Walk The Pupper

Image credits: cromiea14

#5 Scritches For The Goodest Boi

Image credits: tszdabee

#6 My Mom Got Her Dog A Sweater, When I Asked Why It Was Pink She Said “He’s Very Secure With His Masculinity”

Image credits: darthphallic

#7 His Name Is Woodrow. He’s 14 And Very Ill, Wednesday Is His Last Day, But He’ll Always Be A Good Doggo. He Loves To Sit By The Fire And On The Couch

Image credits: Piousfur1857

#8 Told Him To Stay In The Camper. Door Didn’t Click. 45 Mins Later Came Back To This. Kai Is A Good Boy

Image credits: rossionq1

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

#9 This Good Boye Did A Heck Of A Grow This Year

Image credits: gregarious_

#10 Hero Boy

Image credits: cardboardtube_knight

#11 He Was A Rescue. A Runt. Probably Blind, Deaf, Won’t Make It Very Long, They Told Me. Well, Happy 10th Birthday, Buddy

Image credits: JohnRalphEmery

#12 Say Hello To The Best Decision I’ve Ever Made In My Life

Image credits: Azmaniacle

#13 This My New Pupper Sanoi! She’s About 14 Weeks Old And Can’t Figure Out What To Do With Her Ears

Image credits: MirandaCool

#14 This Is Fanny. She Has A Rare Skin Condition Called Vitiligo, Causing Her Hair To Depigment

Image credits: Ashura_otsutsuk

#15 He’s Too Pure!

Image credits: average-edgy-teen

#16 Tonight This Guy Barked At Me For Thirty Minutes To Take Him Out Despite Just Going. Turned Out We Had A Gas Leak In Our Apartment And He Just Wanted Us To Get Out. He Is S A F E B O Y E And Getting Extra Cuddles

Image credits: NobelLandMermaid

#17 How To Get More Customers Into Your Barber Shop 101

Image credits: NSNIA

#18 The Best Of The Boys

Image credits: CoolFlame6767

#19 Found A Meteorite, Any Idea How Much It’s Worth?

Image credits: HeatedChaos

#20 Update: Abby Is Still A Good Girl And Is Growing!

Image credits: wbbartsch

#21 My Wife Made Her First Meme With Pictures Of Our Dog And She Was Really Proud Of It. His Name Is Lucky

Image credits: CuriosDolphin

#22 Here’s A Better Picture Of Wolfe At 19. He’s Still My Pupper After 19 Years

Image credits: Swarlolz

#23 Face Is Priceless

Image credits: Available_Subject

#24 Housesitting Means I Have A Video Game Buddy This Weekend

Image credits: awtx

#25 My Friend Is Fighting Leukemia And Has Been Stuck In The Hospital. This Is His Dogtor, Loki

Image credits: abrill2967

#26 1 Year Ago Today I Drunkenly Stumbled Upon The Coolest Dog That Ever Lived

Image credits: blackcovenant666

#27 She Kicked The Phone Out Of My Hands At Exactly The Right Moment. 10/10 Good G0rl

Image credits: Sykes92

#28 Everyone Please Enjoy This Photo Of My Baby Visiting Santa

Image credits: AppasFat

#29 Small Pupper Does A Big Chomp

Image credits: Jechob

#30 When You Have A House Full Of Sheepdogs And A Chilled Lamb That Needs Warming

Image credits: JaderBug12

#31 Found A Giant Bat On My Floor!

Image credits: hoppynhappy

#32 Every Night—

Image credits: DiosMioMan2

#33 A Very Proud Boye

Image credits: derek___h

#34 My Dog’s Daycare Captured This Gem

Image credits: sitonmystace

#35 Therapy Good Girle

Image credits: labelling

#36 Woof News: Pupper In Jail For Stealing Yo Girl

Image credits: TragedyOfAClown

#37 Snow Bois In Natural Habitat

Image credits: MiniCentaur

#38 Well, Well, Well…. If It Isn’t The Consequences Of My Own Actions!

Image credits: feeblemanbrain

#39 Smooth Symmetrical Boye

Image credits: Jakunai

#40 Hi, We Heard You Needed Some Help In Here

Image credits: blrghh

#41 Shocked Pupper Is So Shocked!! Ft My Equally Shocked Coworker Katie

Image credits: mrsmadmike

#42 Lookin Very Cozy There Fern

Image credits: mayaxs

#43 A Very Very Hard-Working Boy

Image credits: maubeto_16

#44 Look How Happy She Is

Image credits: mayaxs

#45 Not One But Two Frens

Image credits: mayaxs

#46 So Cute

Image credits: RockyStar1122

#47 This Guy Is Almost 10 Years Old. His Back Legs Are Going, His Beard Is Grey And His Walks Are At Least 70% Slower Than They Once Were. But Minutes After This Photo He Rolled In Fox Poop. Some Things Never Change. 10/10 Still The Best Boy

Image credits: Art3mis1

#48 Fun Fact – Some Of Redditors Will Not Be Able To Resist And Will Physically Touch The Screen To Virtually Boop The Snoot

Image credits: KeepCalmAndWrite

#49 My Pup, 2 Years Apart

Image credits: JCOLE6969

#50 “You Taunt”

Image credits: PamJ24

#51 Meet My New Son, Tofu

Image credits: limflacco

#52 Tonight This Goodest Boy Alerted Me To Man Trying To Break In – Then Chased Him Over A Fence

Image credits: Lunascoop

#53 Rare Mountain Pup Found The Best Spot For A Nap

Image credits: TribeIn5

#54 Marked With A Downvote Since Birth. Still A V V V Goodboy

Image credits: Ylimeq15

#55 Pupper Does A Grow From 8 Weeks To Nearly A Year

Image credits: commonvanilla

#56 Rare Puppers Lady And The Tramp Irl

Image credits: DaddyLexi_

#57 I Was Told My New Rescue Pup Has The Rarest Of Ears

Image credits: flytingnotfighting

#58 Someone Is Proud Of Their TV Debut!

Image credits: MagnificentArchie

#59 Her Name Is Moose Tracks, And You Have Been Blessed

Image credits: mayaxs

#60 Good Girl Gets Healthy

Image credits: loveOpossum

#61 I Can’t Wait For Election Season, So I Can See The New Signs

Image credits: cyborgcod

#62 Everyone, Meet Butter Bean

Image credits: randomhotdog1

#63 Found This Good Boy In The Pouring Rain On A Busy Road Last Night. Time To Spoil Him While We Find His Owner

Image credits: Wheeler574

#64 Some Good News

Image credits: zSebyyy

#65 You Don’t Need To See The Entire Dog To Know It’s A Good Boy

Image credits: everyfatguyever

#66 Legal Boye

Image credits: hootersbutwithcats

#67 My Fiancé Chose My Dog Over Me For A Cuddle And My Dog Just Rubbed It In My Face

Image credits: iamsoveryverytired

#68 Just Taking A Nap After Eating All The Strawberry Jam

Image credits: Sahil1200

#69 Truly A Beautiful Sequence Of Events

Image credits: mayaxs

#70 Smart Boi Gets An A

Image credits: hootersbutwithcats

#71 Helpful Doggo

Image credits: ctroy5

#72 Just Adopted This Old Man To Give Him Some Comfort In His Golden Years

Image credits:

#73 “Good Doggo… You Are My Fren”

Image credits: lnfinity

#74 Hey Fren

Image credits: joshg_yz250

#75 I’d Follow This Guy, For Sure

Image credits:

#76 This Is Sully, He Came Into My Work Today And Let Everyone Pet Him

Image credits: Cartman9110

#77 My Friend Told Me My Husky Mix Looks Like A Fox. I Decided To Use A Paint App And

Image credits: PolarBla

#78 Cody Is The Bestest Old Boye

Image credits: mayaxs

#79 This Dog Has Been In My Life Since I Was About 5 Years Old. He Is Old Now But Also Very Loved

Image credits: stefaniez1

#80 Daisy – 14 Year Old, Mostly Blind, Tried My Glasses On And She Could See Us Again. She Wagged Her Tail

Image credits: R__soul

#81 Guys, Please Keep Your Bulldogs At Room Temperature

Image credits: UltimateProSkilz

#82 This Is My Dog, Frankie. I’m Pretty Sure There’s Just Elevator Music Playing Inside Her Head All The Time

Image credits: charm_strange

#83 Where Can I Find This Goodboi?

Image credits:

#84 My Parents Sold Their Camper Recently. The New Owners Sent This Picture To My Mom Of Their Girls Picking Out Their Beds

Image credits: krannabanana

#85 Handsome Boye Does A Grow

Image credits: commonvanilla

#86 These Are Overwhelmingly Cute

Image credits: Hannah2910

#87 Eyes That Stare Into Your Soul

Image credits: Chris_Isur_Dude

#88 Breakin Hearts And Stealin Ur Girl

Image credits: Jakunai

#89 Our Air B&b Came With A Bonus Feature. Affectionately Dubbed “ The Golden Girls”

Image credits:

#90 My Wife Sent Me This Picture When I Got Home. Smokey Knows The Sound Of My Car

Image credits: brocknachos

#91 Pals With Paws

Image credits: Po-The-Panda

#92 He Loves His Hoodie When It Starts To Get Chilly

Image credits: meenateena

#93 Going To Be 17 This Year. Rare To Me

Image credits: happybeagles

#94 One Of The Best Puppers I’ve Ever Seen

Image credits:

#95 Stylish Boye Doin’ A Heckin Boat Ride

Image credits: pokemasterflex

#96 I Have Nearly 1000 Pictures Of Felix, But This One Is My Favorite

Image credits: AnimationNation

#97 Yes, It’s The Same Dog

Image credits: boomer_the_landcloud

#98 The Look On This Dog’s Face Is Priceless

Image credits: mito20010707

#99 Birthday Doggo

Image credits: ericlindh21

#100 Compliments To The Chef

Image credits: Boy-of-the-Cones

#101 Absolute Perfection

Image credits: mayaxs

#102 Doggo Knows What’s About To Happen

Image credits: St0pX

#103 Poor Imprisoned Borking Boy

Image credits: mayaxs

#104 Kevin Wanted To See The Ducks Today

Image credits: agoldennamedkevin

#105 One Smol Potato And One Larger Potato

Image credits: mayaxs

#106 Nala Looking At You With Nothing But Love And Admiration Because You Are Perfect And Stunning

Image credits: Mrswanson480

#107 Majestic Shot Of A Cloud And Some Mountains

Image credits: EnjoysRegrets

#108 I Trained My Pupper To Carry Our Wedding Rings, Unassisted At A Walking Pace. She Crushed It

Image credits: jkatzmoses

#109 She Finally Learned What Sit Means

Image credits: tritnic1

#110 Little Doggy Brought A Little Gift For You

Image credits: NazmulHossainRana

#111 My 9 Wk Old Blue Heeler Pup, Aari. 90% Adorable, 10% Demonic

Image credits: kfay11

#112 Look At This Tiny Pink Tongue

Image credits: Agricolanka

#113 Rare Easter Pupper

Image credits: bitnerlevi2004

#114 The Pack Goes Shopping

Image credits: asianj1m

#115 When The Hotel Is Pet Friendly

Image credits: kbclutch44

#116 This Little Pupper’s First Day At Work With Mama

Image credits: Tdanreynolds

#117 V Cute

Image credits: mayaxs

#118 Very Good Crowd Cheering On Very Good Doggos

Image credits: JDBAZ

#119 My Sweet Boy In A Rainbow

Image credits: Fierce_Brosnan_

#120 Look At This Gorgeous Happy Face!!

Image credits: dogsloversblog

#121 It’s Official! Just Got Evie’s Dna Results Back. She’s 100% Blue Healer. She’s Also 100% Awesome

Image credits: Unteyetled_username

#122 Puppy Snoot!

Image credits: DexterDogBalls

#123 Did He Scare You? Must Have

Image credits: ifoundtheavadcados

#124 Anyone?

Image credits: pupsaurus

#125 The Rarest Beanie Babies Ever Sold

Image credits: bloodjr

#126 When R/Rarepuppers And R/Perfectfit Collide

Image credits: 5_Frog_Margin

#127 She’s Been Dramatically Sighing All Day Long. My BF Has Been Gone One Night

Image credits: nikkicocaine

#128 A Very Modest Pupper!

Image credits: nunwithajuicycock

#129 May I Have Uhhhhhhhhh

Image credits:

#130 No Dig Pls, I Dig. Pet Me Pls

Image credits: DavidLuizshair


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