The Weekly Design Roast, #4

“This set-up is really fun because, you can swing backwards, then swing forward and slam your stomach into the table. Other benefits: The seat heights are not adjustable, the number of seats are fixed, the support posts and hanging chains provide an obstruction to accessing the tabletop, and the whole thing is impossible to move. Nailed it!”

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“This dedicated bacon maker is so much better than just using a frying pan you already own. Its drip-catching tray is another thing you have to wash, it takes up additional counter space, it uses electricity and eats up another socket, I could go on and on.” [True story: Not shown in the photo, but mentioned in reviews is that the power cord comes out of the FRONT of the machine.]

“Two things I don’t like about conventional toasters: 1) You can toast two pieces at once, and 2) They include a tray to catch the crumbs. I prefer free-range crumbs that can go wherever they like, so I designed these slanted plastic fingers for the toast to drop into. And the longer time it takes to make two slices forces you to slow down and really reflect on life.”

“I have the space in my living room for two loveseat-sized couches, so I decided to treat myself. When the mood strikes, I can push these together to make an upholstered square fortress that I have to clamber in and out of.”

“Tired of dust bunnies gathering beneath your bed? This device will help get that dust up onto your sheets where it belongs.”

“Instead of buying a versatile sponge that can be used anywhere, buy our proprietary sponges that attach to our plastic sponge handles. And who among us doesn’t want to pretend they’re ironing clothes while they’re scrubbing a sink?”

“I’m tired of stepping on my kids’ Legos, so I made this for them to play with instead. I think stepping on a series of smooth ball bearings will provide a better result.”

“This works great! (Except for that one time I forget to set the parking brake. Yeah, that was pretty bad.)”

“It’s time to re-think the window. I want one that does not admit light, doesn’t open, and that you can’t see anything out of.”

“You will love having to extract/re-insert these knives every time you want to access a particular one.”

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

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