This Magical Bridge Full Of Lights In Indonesian Forest Looks Straight Out Of A Fairy Tale

Now, traveling isn’t completely off-limits during these interesting pandemic times. Technically, though people are still allowed to travel internationally (and more so domestically), it seems like a bit of a hassle as each country has its own set of rules and most don’t want to deal with that.

So, for the time being, most of us satisfy our inner travel freak by saving up money for when the spread of the coronavirus will be under control and people will be able to travel easily by simply enjoying the sights over the internet.

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Turns out, there’s a wooden suspension bridge that’s completely lit up using warm yellow-tint lights

Image credits: Warman Wardhani

Indonesian photographer Warman Wardhani shows us one of the cooler places we could spend our hard-earned pandemic cash at.

This is the Orchid Forest Cikole, a magical tourist attraction in Indonesia that boasts a patch of natural land featuring over 20,000 orchids in a forest with a playground and hanging bridge.

But it’s not just any hanging bridge, though. Dubbed the Wood Bridge, it is most definitely a wooden bridge, but it also comes with an insane amount of lighting that looks simply spectacular once night comes.

Photographer Warman Wardhani took some photos of just how amazing it looks like during the night

Image credits: Warman Wardhani

Image credits: Warman Wardhani

The Orchid Forest Cikole can be found in Lembang, a town and natural area in West Java, Indonesia. It is said to be home to the largest orchid aggregation in all of Indonesia, as already stated above.

The bridge itself is specifically built there to provide an extraordinary view of the surrounding natural landscape. Many praise it as being the go-to place for nature lovers, but it turns out a lot of people, including the forest administration are also introducing this place as a unique locale for people to take selfies and to expand their social media imagery.

The bridges are suspended from trees, have observation platforms on each bend, and extend a total of 125 meters

Image credits: Warman Wardhani

Image credits: Warman Wardhani

Just as the name implies, the bridge is built of wood and rope, guiding visitors through a 125-meter winding path in the forest. The bridge is hung between a number of bridges, providing observation areas at each bend for the perfect place to admire the view.

Even though it does look beautiful during the night (and it lights up everything at the same time), people can still enjoy the area during the day, as well as simply go orchid hunting. They say that there are species of orchids here that are native to Indonesia, but are also rare.

The area is also said to be home to around 20,000 orchids which people can look for off the beaten path

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Image credits: Warman Wardhani

Oh, and all of this is besides the smell and feel of nature once you’re there. As it’s located at around 1,700 meters above sea level, the feeling is even more grand after experiencing the cool climate with its mists coming in from the valleys and enchanting ambiance.

These are just a few of the photos Wardhani took showing off the majesty of this place. You can find these and a number of his other photos of natural and not-so-natural landscapes of Indonesia on his Instagram.

But, before you go, why not let us know what you thought about this? Have a particular “next destination” already in mind for once the pandemic is over? If so, tell us in the comment section below!

Many were eager to walk on this bridge, though not all as some were more environmentally-aware


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