This Minimalist, Architect-Designed Wav Desk Tray

I’m really digging this small, simple Wav desk tray that uses gravity to hold just a few items in place. I reckon these were cut on a CNC mill, using an angled jig to hold the workpiece. Created by Texas-based architect Bao Loi, who runs DesignCraftWorkshop, they come in Walnut…

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…or White Oak, which to my eye looks equally good.

You can see more of DesignCraftWorkshop’s tabletop stuff here.

Loi, though a licensed architect, was lured out of the profession by the urge to make things with his hands. In addition to DCW’s tabletop objects, he also does furniture and built-ins. You can see some of those on his Instagram.

Source: core77

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