This Online Page Shares Memes To Send To Your Friends To Radicalize Them, And Here Are 106 Of The Most Eye-Opening Ones

When you get up and go to work each morning, do you look forward to your trip to the office? Or are you dreading the day from the moment you wake up and spending 8 hours dreaming of when you’re finally off the clock again? Unfortunately, it’s quite common for people to hate their jobs, as a whopping 70% of workers report feeling dissatisfied with their career choices. So if you’re one of those people, you might need to take 10 minutes out of your day to deal with your lack of passion for your work in a healthy way: by looking at memes and funny photos.

Below, we’ve gathered some of the most painfully true jokes and memes from the Antiwork subreddit that might inspire you to start dismantling capitalism while on your lunch break. Be sure to upvote the posts you find relatable, and let us know in the comments how your job has been treating you recently, pandas. Then, if you’re interested in checking out another Bored Panda article featuring memes that might make Karl Marx proud, look no further than right here!

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#1 Keep Your Nose Out Of Other People’s Business

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#2 Wow Look At How Diverse Your Lowest Paying Jobs Are!

Image credits: braveenk

#3 100% Of The Time

Image credits: Rica_Bee

If you’re not already familiar with the Antiwork subreddit, it is a massive and powerful community online. It has amassed 2.4 million members since its creation nearly a decade ago, and it provides a platform for “those who want to end work, are curious about ending work, want to get the most out of a work-free life, want more information on anti-work ideas and want personal help with their own jobs/work-related struggles.” But along with all of the passion the members of r/Antiwork have for dismantling capitalism, they also have a great sense of humor. After all, there’s a bit of truth in every joke, right?

If you’re not upset about capitalism, or don’t think much about it at all, that’s fine. We’re not here to radicalize you or urge you to read The Communist Manifesto before bed. But if you are interested in why so many people are upset with the system, let’s discuss some of the reasons why capitalism might not be enhancing your life. 

Capitalism is touted as a great way to build wealth and have freedom over your own company, rather than having too much interference by the government. It’s the antithesis of communism, which has been shown to prove many issues in practice, so plenty of people have gotten on board with the idea of capitalism. But in practice, it is prone to showing flaws as well, such as massive wealth inequality. Yes, you have the chance to become exorbitantly rich, but it’s also possible, and much more likely, to have very little money at all.

#4 How You Should Respond

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#5 Self Care On Your Free Time Is Priority Above All Else

Image credits: Jumpman707

#6 I’d Like To Thank My Job For Giving Me All Four Of These

Image credits: Empress_of_Penguins

Capitalism has been critiqued for failing to take care of the people and allowing the rich to become richer while the poor are doomed to become poorer. Richard Reeves wrote a piece for The Brookings Institution discussing the reasons why capitalism is failing and why it’s so challenging to just earn decent wages nowadays, and he first noted that the system is simply rigged against workers. 

“In the last few years, as the zombie gradually wakes up, household incomes and wages have begun to nudge upwards – but families are still having to work more hours to get the income they need,” Reeves writes. “Women are working more, and earning more (though the pay gap remains). But as men work less, and earn less, many families are simply standing still in economic terms. Since 1979, the median male wage in the US has dropped by 1.4% for whites– and by 9% and 8% for black and Hispanic men, respectively.”

“Workers at the top of the earnings and education distribution have seen their paychecks continue to fatten: not so on the middle and bottom rungs of the labor market. Wage growth remains torpid in the middle of the distribution.”

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#7 Mindset Still Ruined Even On Our Only Rest Day

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#8 Please Come Save Us Alien Invaders

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#9 Imagine

Image credits: traveler0011

Capitalism is also being criticized for being a culprit behind climate change. As George Monbiot wrote in a piece published by The Guardian, “It scarcely matters how green you think you are. The main cause of your environmental impact isn’t your attitude. It isn’t your mode of consumption. It isn’t the choices you make. It’s your money. If you have surplus money, you spend it. While you might persuade yourself that you are a green mega-consumer, in reality you are just a mega-consumer. This is why the environmental impacts of the very rich, however right-on they may be, are massively greater than those of everyone else.” 

#10 Sounds Vaguely Familiar

Image credits: MrWilliamo

#11 The Amount Of Companies That Do This

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#12 I Want To Watch This Show!

Image credits: xhqshs

Monbiot breaks down how the richest 1% of the world’s population produce an average of more than 70 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year, when it’s recommended that the average person produce less than 2 tons annually. And when the ultra-wealthy try to convince people that they’re working to reduce climate change, their actions often backfire. “The switch to biofuels favored by Bill Gates is now among the greatest causes of habitat destruction, as forests are felled to produce wood pellets and liquid fuels, and soils are trashed to make biomethane,” Monbiot writes. “There is a poverty line below which no one should fall, and a wealth line above which no one should rise. We need wealth taxes, not carbon taxes.”

#13 Why We Like This

Image credits: Everyones_unique

#14 Best Part Of The Work Day

Image credits: adamgreattweet

#15 Could Not Agree More

Image credits: squat001

“More important than the direct impacts of the ultra-wealthy is the political and cultural power with which they block effective change,” Monbiot explains. “Their cultural power relies on a hypnotizing fairytale. Capitalism persuades us that we are all temporarily embarrassed millionaires. This is why we tolerate it. In reality, some people are extremely rich because others are extremely poor: massive wealth depends on exploitation. And if we did all become millionaires, we would cook the planet in no time at all. But the fairytale of universal wealth, one day, secures our obedience.”

#16 They’ll Make Clowns Of Us All

Image credits: Nyani_sokwe

#17 Gonna Leave This Here

Image credits: disasterswife

#18 A Moment Of Silence For Those Working In Retail

Image credits: DPJesus69

And if you feel like there’s something wrong with you for not being fulfilled or satisfied by your job, don’t worry. You are not alone. Sarah Jaffe, author of Work Won’t Love You Back, discussed her book with Time and addressed how corporations use the phrase “do what you love” to simply exploit their workers. “I’ve had various service-industry jobs since I was 14—everything from scooping ice cream to making coffee to waiting tables, all public-facing, ‘paste a smile on’, emotional labor kind of work. This work sucks. It’s terrible, and you constantly have to pretend you like it,” Jaffe told Time.

“When I moved to Denver when I was 22, I was interviewed for this job at this sushi restaurant. And the owner was like, ‘Where do you see yourself in five years?’” she shared. “And I was like, ‘Dude, you’re going to pay me $2.13 an hour. You don’t get my career aspirations and hopes and dreams for $2.13 an hour. You get me showing up on time. The rest of my wage is paid by the customer anyway.’ And so I feel like this has been haunting me since then.”

#19 I’m So Proud

Image credits: BewareNixonsGhost

#20 Telling Them Not To Throw A Party, Throwing A Party, Then Getting Fired For Your Reaction

Image credits: throwingawaycabbage

#21 Every Single Time

Image credits: Professional_Ad_8536

Jaffe also explained how “loving what you do” can be less conducive to living a stable life, if what you love isn’t very lucrative. “I’d much rather be doing the work that I’m currently doing than waiting tables, even though there are times as a freelance journalist, where my income has been about comparable to what it was waiting tables,” she told Time. 

“I’m not trying to argue … that you should go work at a factory because that will make you happier. What I’m saying is that the way that this story is wielded against us actually makes it possible for me as a journalist who has a graduate degree to make no more money than I did waiting tables because I was supposed to be grateful to get $35,000 a year for my first journalism job.”

#22 The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Image credits: Cybordad

#23 I Like This Energy

Image credits: DaFunkJunkie

#24 Maybe You Are Right

Image credits: thriftyknocking_14

Jaffe does acknowledge, however, that Americans in particular have a hard time managing in their capitalist society that provides very little benefits and help for employees by law. She notes that in France, for example, they didn’t magically receive better working conditions. “They work 35 hours a week because they went on strike,” she explained. “There’s a tradition of militancy in a lot of these places that stems from having been successful and remembering what it took to be successful.”

“I don’t think that we should be fooled into believing that Americans just love their jobs more than everybody else. We work more because we have to, because we literally don’t have the same job protections that people in Western Europe do,” she added.

#25 Retirement Age

Image credits: mydmtusername

#26 This F*****g Motivational Quote When I Walked In This Morning

Image credits: MisterCallegari

#27 So Damn Accurate

Image credits: Revolutionary_Mix941

I sincerely hope this list has not been bumming you out, pandas. But if you’re feeling inspired to quit your job and find one you’re more passionate about, I encourage you to go and explore! Don’t let capitalism make you feel forced into one specific path or brainwash you into believing that suffering is normal. Keep upvoting the pictures that you find painfully relatable, and let us know in the comments how you’d like to dismantle capitalism. Then, if you’re interested in checking out another Bored Panda article featuring memes about capitalism, you can find that right here!    

#28 Undercover Bum

Image credits: Go_Habs_Go31

#29 Get That Double Meat

Image credits: Informal-Following39

#30 Millennials Are Causing A “Baby Bust” – What The Actual Fuck?

Image credits: evansfaf

#31 Screw You Guys, I’m Going Home

Image credits: pdmtz

#32 Asking The Real Questions

Image credits: No_Technician_3694

#33 Please Note The Timestamps. Any Suggestions On How To Deal With This Outrageous Unfairness?

Image credits: KaiaKween

#34 This Belongs Here

Image credits: Pizar_III

#35 • ₊°✧︡ ˗ˏ ˋ ♡ ˎˊ ˗no

Image credits: reguitt

#36 Companies Be Like:

Image credits: caIyps0o

#37 I’d Love To Do This

Image credits: mrmgwilson

#38 Found On Twitter… It’s A Vibe

Image credits: ansleytaylor

#39 2 Real

Image credits:

#40 The American Dream Is To Move Out

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#41 Can’t We Just Troll Sue Them Into Oblivion?

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#42 Thoughts?

Image credits: Dipsi1010

#43 Just Gonna Leave This Here

Image credits: black_booty_tooty

#44 Completely Unrealistic

Image credits: Mysterious_Class6929

#45 Title

Image credits: blues0

#46 The Whole Thing Is Just One Big Scam At This Point We Need To Get Rid Of It

Image credits: urmomsuckedmeoff

#47 Whoooops…

Image credits: jpstroop

#48 Came Into Work This Morning To Find This Taped To The Wall. Boss Went On Tirade Against Me And Co-Worker Yesterday For Taking To Each Other With No Customers In The Store

Image credits: MrHatesThisWebsite

#49 At A Certain Point It All Just Feels Like A Constant Distraction

Image credits: Testacc88

#50 Boomers vs. Millennials

Image credits: Ch_Anderson

#51 Child Labour, Fantastic

Image credits: OhBun

#52 Explain It To Me Like I’m In Kindergarten

Image credits: DaFunkJunkie

#53 Just Saw This In A Mcdonald’s…

Image credits: CorpseToes

#54 Most Companies Want Your Soul, Too

Image credits: 87tskin

#55 Does Anyone Else Feel This Way?

Image credits: gusty_feedback

#56 What’s With The Double Standard?

Image credits: Elbrujosalvaje

#57 There Are More Of Us Than Them

Image credits: dirtbagloon

#58 Bloomberg… Your Bias Is Showing

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#59 This Has Been Quite The Crushing Realization As I Transition To Post-Grad Life

Image credits: shadyhades

#60 I’m With This Guy

Image credits: SaintMcCloud

#61 Worry Free From Sorry To Bother You Vibes

Image credits: RepresentativeArea37

#62 Ceos Be Like

Image credits: Holzinator007

#63 This Showed Up On My Newsfeed Today And I Couldn’t Agree More

Image credits: Hglucky13

#64 He Was Hoping For The Opposite Result

Image credits: MrTSaysShutupFool

#65 American Dream

Image credits: pavvvgi

#66 At Work – Where Water Isn’t Free Yo

Image credits: RemyBrady

#67 Coffee

Image credits: Anon293357

#68 Sums It Up Perfectly

Image credits: PrimaryBand

#69 I Think It’s Belong Here

Image credits: Abder_Rahim

#70 Master’s Degree Required For A Minimum Wage Job

Image credits: Monsur_Ausuhnom

#71 A Competing Company Is Offering Us 20 Percent More To Work For Them. Management’s Response:

Image credits: daniel-moseley

#72 Yesyesnono

Image credits: MikalCaober

#73 It Really Is

Image credits: mrmgwilson

#74 Amazon Is Inhumane

Image credits: FunTooter

#75 “It Is What It Is”

Image credits: thenoteworthyroad19

#76 It Do Be Like That Though

Image credits: GothMaams

#77 Circle Of Life

Image credits: RUTHLESS_RAJ

#78 I Left My Job Shortly After Receiving This Prize For My Good Work ???

Image credits: No-Satisfaction-749

#79 Shout Out The Worst Place I Ever Worked (Minimum Wage, Of Course)

Image credits: MinionsAndWineMum

#80 This Was Posted On Another Sub But Definitely Belongs Here

Image credits: kill4kandy

#81 Company: We’ve Had A Record Breaking Year In Profits

Image credits: cutie_mcbooty

#82 That Or The Famous, “So What Makes You Want To Work For Our Company?” Question

Image credits: jiltedxjosie_

#83 My Local Hardware Store:

Image credits: cybercuzco

#84 You Don’t Say

Image credits: absolute_n00b

#85 It’s Funny Because It’s True

Image credits: minware666

#86 Funny That Quiet Quitting Is Even A Term

Image credits: loverofnaps

#87 Funny How The Us And Other Countries Aren’t Making Enough Babies To Sustain The Current Population, Largely Because We Can’t Afford It Due To Low Paying Jobs Whose Raises Aren’t Beating Or Even Meeting Inflation… I’m Surprised Many Comments Are Agreeing With This?

Image credits: Kimyr1

#88 Maybe Belongs Here, Maybe Doesn’t. But I Thought We Would Find This Funny

Image credits: deetailor

#89 So Close To The Truth

Image credits: moistplethora17

#90 Sounds About Right

Image credits: vikram77157715

#91 Tips For Younger Folks In The Workplace

Image credits: rudeplethora_49

#92 Hot Take That Needs To Be Said

Image credits: ADignifiedLife

#93 Let’s Frickin Go

Image credits: KindaLikeJesus

#94 Oh, Also, It’s Only $12 Per Hour

Image credits: MrBigDog2u

#95 Didn’t Think It Will Be So Drastic

Image credits: HaruAndTheVOID

#96 I Think I’m Gonna Puke

Image credits: afieldswim44

#97 So True That I Am Amazed

Image credits: blueraptorz

#98 Hahahaha, Just Got These At Work. Kinda Funny, Kinda Weird. Also, I Work A Union Job At A Hospital

Image credits: Particular_Cow1304

#99 This Is More Sad Than Funny

Image credits: briberycorp

#100 That’s A Funny Way Of Saying “We Don’t Pay A Livable Wage”

Image credits: JupiterRainCloud

#101 Saw This In Facebook And Majority Of Reactions Were Laughter, But I Don’t See Anything Funny About This

Image credits: Street-Chemist-Doug

#102 This Is Too Funny!

Image credits: Individual-Tear-7155

#103 Not Sure If This Fits Here But Thought It Was Funny

Image credits: fabiomatu

#104 Apt Example For Funny And Sad

Image credits: milkcowcafe

#105 Funny How Work Does That To You

Image credits: engineear-ache

#106 My Job Is Poverty

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