This Person's Handwriting is Mesmerizing

There is a SubReddit called “Penmanship Porn,” where people upload samples of their handwriting. Submitter Eschermer contributed this stunning sample of him or her transcribing Oscar Wilde’s “The Ballad of Reading Gaol:”

Astonishing, no? Going through the rest of the SubReddit, there are a couple of other gems, like this electrical permit from 1916, when people still knew proper cursive and used fountain pens:

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Or this person’s modern-day notes on Economics:

And a different person’s Biology notes:

And this calligraphic Twitter user’s NSFW greeting scribed with a fountain pen:

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?? ?? ?? ????…222

— ??? ???? ?? (@point_calli) June 6, 2016


Overall though, I couldn’t find any images that could hold a candle to Eschermer’s work.

Source: core77

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