Tom Dixon & Ikea Announce Modular Delaktig Bed

Last year a collaboration between Tom Dixon and Ikea yielded the Delaktig, a sort of open-source furniture system built around a day bed/couch/seating platform. Now they’ve expanded the line to include a proper bed, Queen-sized, which features the same aluminum construction and snap-on, snap-off system of accessories (in this case a headboard, a side table and lights).

Tom Dixon: “As a designer you observe lots and lots of things. Most of them are useless and don’t make any sense. Eventually, a pattern emerges from all the information that comes through. Good designers will be good spotters of patterns, and you apply that, or you spot a series of disparate elements, and you bring them together to be one strong idea.”

We’ll be curious to see if the Ikeahacking community takes the Delaktig bed to heart and starts producing swiveling worksurfaces and reading-light rigs. (What we’d really like to see: Some clever attachment that simplifies bedmaking.)

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The Delaktig bed will be released in February.

Source: core77

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