Toto designs really fancy toilets

For those enamored with luxury at every turn in their life, look no further than Toto. For those who are familiar with washlets, the products of Toto will be familiar, but for most Americans, Toto’s products may not be. For starters, this is a couture toilet company with the most innovative designs in toilets.

The most recent models offer heated seats, a bidet function, an air-purifying system deodorizing in use, an air dryer, and the ability to raise and lower the lid. The Carlyle II 1G model is their most recent product geared towards Americans with a glaze on the seat that repels waste while also using only one gallon of water per flush.

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Want more? Other models, like the Neorest has a UV light to kill bacteria. All of their models can cost thousands of dollars.

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