Toyota Unveils the X Prologue, and It's an Eye-Popper

This morning Toyota unveiled their X Prologue concept, and it turns out it’s not an entirely new vehicle, but an update to an existing one. The X Prologue is envisioned as a refresh for the Toyota Aygo, their super-reliable, ultra-compact car sold in Europe. Here’s what the current-generation Aygo looks like:

Image: Vauxford

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Here are the renderings for the Aygo X Prologue, done by Toyota’s European Design Studio:

And finally, here’s the physical vehicle they pulled the sheets off of a few hours ago:

While the existing Aygo sells well in Europe (nearly 100,000 units sold in 2019, before sales took an 18% hit in 2020 COVID times), Toyota developed the X Prologue upgrade in order to stay ahead of the style curve. “The unique DNA and stand-out positioning of Aygo depend upon always staying ahead of the competition,” the company writes. “More than ever, new Toyota customers are demanding flair, distinctiveness, and the chance to make a personal statement.”

“Whether from front, rear or side, the mischievousness of Aygo X prologue stands out. A bold bi-tone execution creates a unique graphic profile that grabs attention in the street by emphasizing the car’s readiness to leap forward into action. A new wedged roofline also increases the dynamic feeling for a more aggressive sporty image. While at the front, high-tech lamps hug the upper hood to form a wing-like shape. Lower to the ground, the large grille, fog lamps and skid-plate, all building on the hexagon theme, show that this is a car ready to go. Anywhere.

“Practical and ready for tomorrow’s free spirits, Aygo X prologue also offers the features that will further enrich their freedom. A rear skid plate houses a bicycle-holder mount, so that escaping the everyday can always be turned into an adventure. Meanwhile, housed in the door mirror is an action-camera, perfect for capturing and sharing moments of exploration.

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“Finally, an integrated roof rack accentuates the vehicle’s profile, as well as creating a visual link with the hexagon tail lamps, a subtle reminder of the Aygo DNA.”

Toyota has also released some attendant footage of their European Design Studio. We’ll sift through it and bring it to you, stay tuned.

Source: core77

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