Unusual Concept by Audi: A Luxury Sports Car with a Hidden Pickup Truck Bed

The Audi Design Studio in Malibu, California designed this gorgeous Activesphere concept. I absolutely love the form, it is so clean while still managing to express elegance and personality without resorting to slashwork. The design team has a fantastic grasp of surface-based, not crease-based, gesture.

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The claimed underpinnings are about what you’d expect from a concept car from a luxury automaker these days: A fast-charging EV with sick range (372 miles) that’s autonomous, but still gives you the option to drive it.

The Activesphere is meant to be off-road capable—remember that Virgil-Abloh-designed Maybach concept?—and has an unexpected feature: A hideaway pickup bed, for rich people with dirty hobbies. “The Sportback rear of the activesphere can turn into an open cargo bed (“active back”) at the touch of a button – perfect for carrying recreational equipment such as e-bikes or water and winter sports gear.”

“The Audi activesphere concept is a crosser of boundaries, which means it is a master of metamorphosis. Its rear section in particular reflects the active lifestyle of its customers and makes it possible to transport even bulky sports gear – without sacrificing the elegance and sportiness of the Sportback silhouette.”

“If required, the transparent rear window slides are almost flush with the roof of the Audi activesphere. At the same time, the lower, vertical segment of the rear folds horizontally – this opens up an ample cargo bed called the active back that features brackets for e-bikes, for example. The lateral surfaces of the rear, the C-pillars, remain in position to maintain the activesphere’s dynamic silhouette, whilst a motorized bulkhead deploys from behind the rear seats in order to isolate the cabin from the elements.”

Here’s the promo vid. Check out what the rocker panels/body cladding do, around the 1:15 mark, when you activate the car’s suspension-raising trick:

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Source: core77

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