Urban portraits of uniquely personalized chairs. What would yours look like?

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Michael Wolf started out in photojournalism winning first-prize in the World Press Photo competition in 2005 and 2010. Born in Germany but raised in Canada, the U.S, and Europe, Wolf is described as having ‘an outsider’s perspective.’ Wolf is known for shrewdly documenting various aspects of the urban landscape and architecture. He targets the nitty-gritty backdrop of every day life, turning squalid scenes into touching images.

Wolf’s series, ‘Informal Seating Arrangement,’ captures chairs incongruously set in font of buildings. The chairs never match, some are reinforced with cardboard, another’s back legs have been sawn off so that it can sit evenly against the stoop. Each arrangement is loaded with character, like ghosts they allude to the individuals who occupy them every day.



Source: designfaves.com

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