We Asked DIY Designer Ben Uyeda 5 Questions

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been fielding questions from our Core77 audience for a favorite YouTube maker of ours, Ben Uyeda of HomeMade Modern. Founded in 2013, Uyeda has managed to build up a collection of videos showing anyone how to make simple yet elegant DIY projects. In the meantime, he has gained a number of sponsors, which means his biggest passion can also be a full time job.

We received a number of questions from our audience relating to the best tools for a DIY job, his thoughts on preserving intellectual property, as well as how to become a YouTube sensation yourself. Here’s a look at Ben’s answers:

Question 1: “You’re fully kitted out with Ryobi tools. Are you sponsored by them, or do you just really like their tools?”

Question 2: “What’s your favorite DIY tool and why?”

Question 3: “What are your thoughts on creating content showing how to recreate someone else’s design?”

Question 4: “How does video limit or influence your creative ability? Have you been doing this long enough that everything revolves around creating easily reproducible projects, or do you have a desire to make some projects that use complicated technology such as a 5 axis CNC?” 

Question 5: “For designers who want to get into the business of monetizing content, what advice or resources can you recommend?”

Thanks for chatting with us Ben! You can check more from HomeMade Modern now on Ben Uyeda’s YouTube page.

We’re looking to do more 5 question, reader-driven interviews with designers and makers in the future—if you have any suggestions for people you’d like to ask questions via Core77, comment with their names in the thread below!

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