Woman Shares 9 Psychological Tricks To Make People Like You Instantly

TikTok is full to the brim of psychology tips and tricks, but with so much information at your fingertips, it’s hard to determine what’s useful and what’s just so much noise. Luckily for us, some professional psychologists also use the site and can give us a far more accurate glimpse into what truly works.

One of these helpful and diligent psychology pros is life coach Francesca Tighinean who has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from City, University of London. She takes popular topics and adds an educated spin on things. Her insights are incredibly popular over on TikTok.

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She shares some spot-on psychology tricks on her TikTok account on how to subtly and sneakily get others to like you, and you might be itching to try out after hearing them. Check out her best tricks below, upvote the ones that you personally think are the most useful, and let us know what you think of them in the comment section.

Francesca told Bored Panda all about her journey on TikTok, her passion for psychology, and what drew her on this path in life. She pointed out that a lot of effort goes into each video and encouraged everyone to do their own research as well. “The best way to see if something is true or not is to test it yourself. I encourage my followers not to take my word for it, but to test all of the techniques and advice that I give them and see if it works. Also, do your own research and check what other sources are saying. Everything that I say is backed up by research, books, courses, and personal experience,” she said. Read on for the full interview, dear Pandas!

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Ask people to do a small favor for you

This is called the Benjamin Franklin effect. Say something like: Hey, can you pass me the salt please? Their subconscious mind think that they like you bc they’re doing you a favor


Call people by their name

We absolutely love hearing our name called by someone else, because it makes us feel important and appreciated

Francesca is a powerhouse on TikTok. She has 406.6k followers on the site and has collected over 4.3 million likes over all of her videos. Her videos, where she shares the best ways to get someone to like you, are incredibly popular, often getting hundreds of thousands and sometimes even millions of views each. What’s more, her TikToks that touch upon love, romance, dating, and attraction are also very popular among her followers.

Francesca told Bored Panda that she has been passionate about psychology and going to self-development seminars since she was just 15 years old. “My first seminar was so life-changing and had such a positive impact on me and my mother that I was inspired to become a motivational speaker and life coach that weekend. A short time after, I won a scholarship at a Tony Robbins camp in San Diego for teenagers. That was my first contact with Tony and NLP [neuro-linguistic programming],” she shared with Bored Panda.

The life coach told me that she fell in love with psychology and did the NLP Master Practitioner course herself. “I started doing public speaking, and at the age of 17, I was already being invited as a speaker to different conferences and by companies such as Ecco Shoes to do self-development workshops. My path was very clear,” she said that she then decided to pursue her psychology studies in London, after which she got certified as a life coach.


Instead of responding immediately after someone says something to you. Wait a couple of second.

This makes them feel like you’re really thinking about what you’re going to reply. And it makes you seem like a better listener


In a conversation, when someone is talking, nod your head in affirmation.
This will do so many things to their brain. First of all, it will give them that feeling of validation. It will make them feel like you’re truly listening to them and it is that feeling of validation that we search for unconsciously, that we got from our mom, and we’re searching in our partner, we’re searching in other people. So it becomes really addictive when you do this, and you make people feel validated.

“I think this is the most meaningful kind of work I can do and what makes me feel the most fulfilled. My dream is to have a massive positive impact on my generation and to have my own self-development seminars with thousands of people, just like Tony Robbins,” she shared her ambitions.

I was also interested to learn more about Francesca as a TikTok content creator. “This whole journey with TikTok has been crazy. I would have never expected to grow so much in only 3 months. Before the psychology account, I have had a personal account for a few years now, where I was doing trends and basically what everyone else was doing. I always knew that I wanted to promote self-development and psychology, not only to my 1-to-1 coaching clients, but to people on social media as well, but I was afraid to get out of the box and be different,” she explained what had stopped her in the past.


We like people that like us. Knowing how to appreciate someone and make compliments will make them like you more. Notice someting special about them or say something like “I really like the way you think”


When you’re talking to someone, always show the palms of your hands.
This communicates to their subconscious mind that you have nothing to hide, that you are open, that they can trust you and you are their friend.

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“I remember I was journaling one night, 3 months ago, about how I want my life to look like and I wrote that I want to become famous on TikTok. That night I made 3 videos that I posted. I woke up the next day and they had thousands of views, more than I ever managed to get on my personal account. I took it as a sign to continue posting psychology videos,” Francesca said that she felt encouraged after the warm and positive reception.

“I have gained a lot of knowledge and insights in the last few years since I started my self-development journey and I wanted to share the most powerful and practical things that I have learned and help others go through the same experiences faster and easier. It fills my heart to see comments such as, ‘I have watched every single one of your videos, you changed my life!’ or ‘Thank you so much for inspiring me on TikTok! I really needed that. And now I can actually fulfill my dreams.’ The positive impact that I’m having on the world keeps me passionate and motivated about posting.”


When you talk to someone try to match your body language and talk at the same volume and speed as they are.
This will tell subconscious mind that you are like them and they will trust you more


When you’re talking in a group, give credit and compliment other people. For instance, if you’re saying a story, highlight something that someone did well. People will want to stick around you more.

Life coach Francesca aims to take her followers on “a psychology adventure” using her insights. On her website, she notes that she started her self-development journey when she was just 15 years old. That’s when she participated in her first self-development seminar. “Ever since then, I never stopped learning and growing,” she writes.

In her professional life, Francesca helps clients deal with a variety of issues, from “healing past wounds” to improving their relationships. As well as counseling people and offering private life coaching, she also has extensive experience volunteering at different organizations. What’s more, she’s been invited to multiple conferences to speak on topics like self-love, confidence, and relationships.


Ask people for their advice. Making them feel like their opinion matters. According to reasearch done by Katie Liljenquist makes them form a commitment to you and makes them like you more.

“What do you think I should order?”
“I think you should get the vegan burger, it’s really good”
“Ok, I’ll get that! thank you!”
“Aw I feel like I like you already”

Getting to grips with psychology is no easy task. Previously, I spoke about the flood of life advice with psychology expert Dr. Inna Kanevsky who uses TikTok to out creators who share nonsense. According to her, it’s a good idea to always double-check the information you see on social media. Never trust anything blindly.

“Anytime you see ‘Psychology says,’ ‘Psychologists say,’ ‘Studies show,’ and the like, without referencing specific studies or psychologists, it’s most likely to be a false, unsupported claim,” Dr. Inna told Bored Panda for an earlier article.

“But it is a generally good habit to look up any statement about psychology, and not just psychology, to see what the source of that claim actually is. If it’s a blog, a Reddit thread, a press article that doesn’t cite or link sources, a ‘medical’ website that’s also not backed by research, or similar, it is unlikely to be valid.”


You can just say you don’t like Trump. That’ll trick people into liking you.
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