Woman Starts Making More Money Than Her ‘Feminist’ Boyfriend, He Accuses Her Of “Cheating The System”

Let a guy know that you earn more than him as a woman and you might just hear some insecure ranting about ‘unfairness’ and ‘nepotism.’ That’s exactly what one redditor had to deal with after her supposedly ‘feminist’ boyfriend found out that she earns nearly a third more money than he does.

Redditor No_Lingonberry_5061 shared how her significant other thought that she was ‘cheating the system’ because she was earning more money as an English literature major turned consultant than him, a cybersecurity professional. According to the guy, Tim, it was supposedly ‘unfair’ that his girlfriend used her social connections as well as existing diversity programs to get ahead of “more qualified people.”

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Have a read through the redditor’s full story below and also check out how some people reacted to the entire situation. Do you have any thoughts about the story? Share your opinions and positions in the comments, dear Pandas.

A woman got accused by her ‘feminist’ boyfriend that she’s somehow ‘cheating the system’ because she earns more money than he does

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It’s no surprise that most redditors thought that the original poster did absolutely nothing wrong for calling her boyfriend an insecure little boy. Some internet users went as far as to suggest that the woman dump her “sexist and toxic” boyfriend. As it turns out, the guy wasn’t as ‘feminist’ as he wanted others to think he was.

You’d think the fact that his girlfriend was making more money would be a reason to celebrate. After all, Tim and his partner were even moving into a new place together and who could say ‘no’ to more financial stability?

However, Tim was more concerned with arguing and wanting to be ‘right’ than he was about supporting his girlfriend for getting ahead in the corporate world.

Diversity programs exist for a reason—to counter the current wage gap inequality between women and men. For instance, in the United States, women who work full time get paid 82 cents for every dollar earned by men, according to the American Association of University Women.

The AAUW adds that women now outpace men in higher education, however, they also hold “nearly two-thirds of the outstanding student debt in the United States.” Furthermore, the gender pay gap means that women have a harder time repaying their loans and even end up receiving less money in Social Security and pensions.

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What’s more, the AAUW explains that where you live and what you do also impacts your personal pay gap, alongside factors such as race, age, ethnicity, disability, and your access to education. For example, different states have different pay discrimination laws and policies. Meanwhile, the AAUW notes that the gender pay gap occurs across almost all occupations and industries.

It’s an issue that needs to be addressed in order to reach wage equity which naturally means giving those in a disadvantageous position a leg-up to counter the biases in the job industry. And some men, like Tim, can’t deal with not being ahead.

Here’s how people reacted to the story about the jealous and insecure boyfriend

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