Women Share 48 Times They Realized Their Bar For Men Was On The Ground

One woman’s story has inspired others to search for partners who exceed their standards and expectations by simply describing all the things her fiancé does on a daily basis to make her happy.

Her name is Rose and the 22-year-old is known on TikTok by the username @rosesmaddox. Last month, she discovered a video by @ayandastood, asking: “What is something a man has done for you that made you realise you’ve been accepting and expecting way too little from men?” and decided to reply.

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Rose explained that her fiancé Drake, 23, whom she has been with since she was 15, always makes sure she feels loved, which includes supporting her career and bringing her flowers and gifts if she’s having a difficult time.

Recently one TikToker asked other users to describe how a man has made them raise their standards

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And this woman’s reply really stood out


#stitch with @ayandastood anyone that knows drake knows he is the epitome of a dream man

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Speaking to BuzzFeed, Rose said that she was inspired to make the video after “about 100 examples of the kindness Drake shows me entered my mind” when she watched the initial prompt – and to “brag” about her love.

“I wanted to share (and honestly brag) about my other half being a light to this world, and that everyone should be with someone who makes them feel so proud to be their significant other,” she explained.

Image credits: rosesmaddox

Image credits: rosesmaddox

“Drake’s kindness is not limited to our relationship — he shares it with every person in his world”

Image credits: rose_maddox

Image credits: rose_maddox

“It is exemplified in his mannerisms, words, and actions. He leaves every place he enters happier, kinder, and more joyous”

Image credits: rose_maddox

Image credits: rose_maddox


#greenscreenvideo #greenscreen a year filled with so much love

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Reply to @askingxxashley #greenscreen #greenscreenvideo no fears y’all, I treat him well too!

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Reply to @veronugget #greenscreen the man himself

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Here’s what other women responded with


He has a bad memory, so he writes all my likes and dislikes in his notes, so he can always remember…


My father always told me: If a man wants to, he finds a way. If he makes excuses he’s not worth your time.


When he took accountability for doing something I did not like, apologized and changed his actions.


He suggested we play a game to get to know each other and he actually asked me real questions. Nothing sexual. It’s been awesome.


This is sad but a guy was working late + he communicated he wouldn’t be able to take me out for dinner and sent dinner to my home instead.


He didnt question when i said no lol.


I’m a flight attendant and he’s a private pilot. We live in different states. This man used his own plane to fly up and see me for our first date.


When I isolate due to my depression and he tells me, I want to hear how you feel. You don’t have to do this alone anymore.

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he said “you don’t have to apologize for not being in the mood” when I kept saying sorry and explaining why.


When he drove all the way to give me cuddles at 3 AM bc I was stressed. Thats when I knew.


What is something a man did for you that made you realize that you’ve been accepted? Okay. So I have this weird quirk ever since I was a little girl, very little. I would wake up in the middle of the night, like two or three, sometimes four in the morning to go downstairs to the kitchen and get a green apple.
And I would eat that apple half asleep and then go back to bed. I have been doing. Ever since I can remember like six or seven years old up until now in my thirties. I just, anyway, when Steven and I, my husband, my now husband and I were first together, literally 10 years ago, we were probably on our fourth date.
And, um, I had told him about this quirk of mine and he thought it was funny and cute or whatever. Anyway, he invited me back to his apartment to watch a movie with him and we still hadn’t slept together or anything at the time. And I was like, okay, sure. But don’t try anything funny. He’s like, of course not.
So we go back and we watch some like European. Fucking indie film. I can’t remember what it was called, but, um, we watched the movie and it’s getting late and I’m getting tired and I’m like, you know, I’m really tired. He’s like, yeah, you should probably sleep over. And I was like, okay. I, well remember, it’s like the fourth date.
And I was like, okay, but don’t try anything. Cause I, you know, I really wanted to take things nice and slow with him. And um, and he was like, of course, of course that, of course not. So, um, so I got to sleep in his bed and I wake up around like, Maybe three in the morning and our turn and he’s not there. And I thought that was really weird.
Like where is he? And then, um, I go back to sleep and then I wake up again around like four and, um, and there’s a green apple next to my bedside. And, um, I grabbed it and I eat it. And I was sleeping next to me and I wake up in the morning and he tells me that he woke up at like two or three in the morning and he realized that he didn’t have any apples.
And so you wanted to make sure when I woke up in the middle of the night that I had my apple, and so he went out at like two in the morning, he went to the first, uh, like seven 11, and they didn’t have any apples. So he had to go to like two or three different stores to find something that was open that had green apples.
And he finally around the second or third gas station found an apple. And brought it back. And, um, so I would wake up to an apple and, uh, yeah, that’s 10 years later. We’re still together.


He asked me if he could kiss me. It was so simple but thoughtful. Until then guys had just started grabbing and kissing me aggressively.


He respected my boundaries.


The words “I will ALWAYS take your side in front of others”, fam what.


He was upset.I didn’t ask for his help. When me and my husband were dating, I had trouble keeping up with a car payment. I told him nothing. I eventually had to return this vehicle and when he found out… When I tell you this man was upset and it just… he didn’t understand why I didn’t ask him for help.
He was livid you all, like, it just did not make sense to him how I would not think to say anything. And that’s when I realized I had been accepting too much less, like, I didn’t want to ask, because I was used to booboo’s who would make me feel like I was a gold digger or something, and not just a girl that just needed help.
And, um, that’s also when I realized my husband was the greatest man I ever met.


He didn’t laugh at me when I get scared in horror movies, he helps me cover my eyes so I can cover my ears, he tells me when it’s safe to look again.


When I calmly asked him not to do something that upset me and he heard me out instead of getting upset and telling me I was being unreasonable.


When he made my problems his. He cried with me when I cried. Laughed with me when I laughed


he actually walked up to my door, knocked, & waited for me to be ready instead of just texting me that he’s here & sitting in his car


When I fall asleep on him he always takes my glasses off and puts them on his bedside table


He doesn’t get uncomfortable when I cry, but actually pulls me closer and wipes my tears. A few weeks in to dating, I had a panic attack talking about


My medical and physical disabilities weren’t a big deal to him.


When i got shocked when one guy actually remember small details i told him


He rubbed my feet in the middle of a aquarium because my feet hurt in my new shoes lol.


So this one time, me and my boyfriend were having an argument we’d been together for awhile. But we were having this argument and it was just over stupid stuff, blown way out of proportion. We both had to just like walk away for a minute, just cool off.
And the next day we’re kind of trying to like talk things out or whatever, and I was just desperately trying to say, like, “I’m so sorry.” “I’m sorry. I acted that way.” “I’m sorry. It was crazy.” “I, this is why I think I am this way.” “This is my explanation for who I am as a person” and he kind of stopped me. And he was like “Babe, you realize like you’re allowed to feel however you feel right?
You know that right?” Hm. You know? No, I did not.


I met my husband & commented that my contacts were dry. Next time I saw him he brought eye drops. He’s raised the bar so high over the last 12 yrs.


He ties my shoelaces when they get untied.


My ex taught me how to swim and would go to different gyms with me to try out the membership just to teach me, really meant a lot to me


He accepted my celibacy journey without any question. I knew from that moment he would be my husband. 4 years later and we’re getting married in June!


Coffee in bed every week, making dinner reservations, booking trips without me having to do all the labor, listening when I talk, opening the doors


he cooks dinner for me all the time, surprises me with little gifts or dates, always wants to talk about how to make the relationship better.


When he detaches from cuddling he says “ok I’m turning over now” instead of silently pushing away.


Physical affection. Also once, I told him “not tonight” and he said “okay,” held me and went to sleep.


Non-sexual physical touch. He kisses my hand when we part from each other, holds my hands. Ngl I cried inside


No man did anything, I just watched this tiktok and realized wow I’ve been excepting soo much less than minimum for years now.


Told me…”if it’s important to you, it’s now important to me too.” Always validates my feelings and wants to dig deeper with me in them to get to a safe space. Remembers the little things, and so much more.


i got really drunk & my friend abandoned me at my place. He drove over, took my makeup off, & helped me sober up. He didn’t leave until I fell asleep.


He used the words “your feelings are completely valid” when I was upset. Among so many other things 🙂 never settle.


My guy bff was eating chips while holding my hand. I let go so he could eat and he says “God gave me two hands for a reason” and held my hand again.


When he asked me my love languages so he can be sure to fulfill them.


He wanted to take me on a trip that weekend- but my passport had expired- so he sent me $ to renew&booked an appointment for me to renew


He’s paid my bills multiple times and never ever brings it up. he’s forgotten he has. it’s not something he holds over me


Made sure that I had the big “O” first EVERY DAMN TIME! I still think about that man.


he cried so hard when he accidentally upset me


This man opens doors, never let’s me pay for ANYTHING, coffee and water as I need. Cooks for me when we’re chilling in… I can go on!!


He flew me out for a weekend vacation to Flordia. He lives in Georgia, paid for everything I didn’t swipe my card once. Handed me his card when it was.


Oiled my scalp.


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